Monday, May 10


Just got back from coaching Jump Jam to the little 4th graders/year 5's... I. Am. Slowly. Melting.

Honestly it's a sunny-as-crap day (will take photo on way out to babysitting later and post tonight) and their school hall is TINY and had sun streaming in the windows. Had to do the freakin 4 min aerobics routine like 5 times. Honestly I haven't sweated so much in like, ever. Ughhhh. Got changed IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home.

I went to the doctor and got a referral to a neurologist about those muscle spasms. I have to ring the neurologist soon and book an appointment. The doctor reckons I won't be able to get one for a couple of months! That's public healthcare for ya. It's nice to have the option to go private or public, in situations like this where it will take ages to get seen. Other than that it's pretty cool because it don't cost much. Yeah. It's good to have both and have the choice.

Lol I'm watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the moment while eating my turkey sub. It's so funny! I have seen it like 9 times but it always makes me laugh, or smile at least.

Aaaaanywayyyy. So we're filming our oral thing tomorrow, can't wait for that to be over! Ughh. Five weeks. Five weeks. Five five five.

Love yas! Will post pics later, honest. I have been so so slack, and I apologize. I did take one of my outfit today but then accidentally deleted it and didn't have the heart to take it again, but I will. Never fear!

-Noelle xO


Lindsay said...

I wanted to thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog :) I think it's so cool you are going to do a scrapbook and you had me in mind, that is the sweetest compliment :) oh and btw, Forgetting Sarah Marshal is one of my favorite movies ever!!! I hope you have a great Monday and I love your blog! Im your newest follower :)

Tasha said...

I'm following you now! :)

{ I V Y } said...

aha i loved reading this! great post :)

Jesa said...

stumbled on your blog, your a really good writer! Lovely blog :)

Cheers, Jesa