Monday, May 10


Just got back from coaching Jump Jam to the little 4th graders/year 5's... I. Am. Slowly. Melting.

Honestly it's a sunny-as-crap day (will take photo on way out to babysitting later and post tonight) and their school hall is TINY and had sun streaming in the windows. Had to do the freakin 4 min aerobics routine like 5 times. Honestly I haven't sweated so much in like, ever. Ughhhh. Got changed IMMEDIATELY upon arriving home.

I went to the doctor and got a referral to a neurologist about those muscle spasms. I have to ring the neurologist soon and book an appointment. The doctor reckons I won't be able to get one for a couple of months! That's public healthcare for ya. It's nice to have the option to go private or public, in situations like this where it will take ages to get seen. Other than that it's pretty cool because it don't cost much. Yeah. It's good to have both and have the choice.

Lol I'm watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall at the moment while eating my turkey sub. It's so funny! I have seen it like 9 times but it always makes me laugh, or smile at least.

Aaaaanywayyyy. So we're filming our oral thing tomorrow, can't wait for that to be over! Ughh. Five weeks. Five weeks. Five five five.

Love yas! Will post pics later, honest. I have been so so slack, and I apologize. I did take one of my outfit today but then accidentally deleted it and didn't have the heart to take it again, but I will. Never fear!

-Noelle xO

Sunday, May 9


Ahhhh sorryyyy I have been totally slackin' today.

Mothers day, we had a special day for A's mom and I called my mommy back home :]

Tomorrow is going to be epic. I have doctor's appointment (re those muscle spasms) at 10:45am. Then at 1pm I have to coach jump jam at the local elementary school. Then at 3-5pm I'm looking after Laura's little brothers as she and A will be in class and her parents have a work thing or something.

And I gotta try find time to put some college work in there somewhere!


I can not wait until the holiday. We have 5 more weeks of class until a 5 week break! You can do it Noelle. You can do it.

Still yet to make my decision re Texas for 4th o' July festivities and family bonding. Grr I don't know what to do! I am planning on spending Christmas and possibly also Thanksgiving in Louisiana with my family (depending on what's happening here around November) so maybe I should just save my money for that instead.

I'll return tomorrow with a proper post, honest. Sorry for the slackness! That ain't like me!

-Noelle xO

Saturday, May 8

Guess who figured out how to work the photo thing on my Sony Vaio laptop?

I did!!

-Noelle xO


I call this picture: "My Date Scone With Margarine"

I have returned from the supermarket - it is official. We are no longer empty-pantry hobos.

'A' has gone out for a couple hours to her aunt's house, I was invited but couldn't really be bothered. Ok that sounds rude. I didn't say it in a rude way, I swear! I think it's better for her to have family time sometimes anyway so I leave them to it.

I have been invited to go to MY cousins' place in Texas in July, not sure yet if I will. I want to but the weather difference between NZ in July and Texas in July will be major... I'll probably get heatstroke as soon as I step off the plane! I dunno, I'll think about it. Wouldn't mind celebrating 4th of July, actually.

I have a couple weeks to decide so I shall sleep on it!

This is the yogurt I bought:

It's Yoplait Delite (as you can clearly see). 'Dessert Sensations' flavors - strawberry pavlova, French cheesecake, and rhubarb custard. Pavlova being, essentially, angel food cake. Sounds pretty good to me! Each is like 75calories which is quite alright. I mainly get the lite ones because they have literally half the sugar of non-lite ones. I know they use artificial sweeteners but to be honest, I don't really mind. I don't eat anything else with artificial sweeteners so I figure just one thing won't make much of a difference.

We all gotta die of something, right?

I also got a single-serve of V8 fruit & vegetable juice, tropical flavor. I love tropical flavored things... I don't know why. It's a recent thing I have discovered about myself. It's odd because I really can not STAND real coconut, but I love coconut-flavored stuff. Like muffins or yogurt or fruit juice.

Meh. Go figure!

I also got this 5 pack of single serve packs of sliced apples. I know I know, how bad for the environment can you get?! Individually wrapped packs of sliced apples? Why not just buy apples? Answer: I don't know.

I usually do just buy apples but my reasoning for buying these ones was this: eating apples in lecture rooms is very noisy. If they're already sliced they won't be quite as noisy. That suction noise that happens when you take a bite from a round apple? That will be eliminated! Breakthrough! Lecture-appropriate apples. Genius.

Lol do you remember watching 'Pinky & the Brain'? Good old 90s cartoons. Narf! Gee Brain, whattya wanna do tonight? Same thing we do every day Pinky - try to take over the WORLD!

Oh and Animaniacs! Ohhh good times. "We're animani - totally insaney - animaniaaacs - those are the facts"

OK I'll stop now :] Please post comments if you remember these cartoons and any more you wanna remind me of.

I love getting comments, so don't be shy!

-Noelle xO


Howdy ya'lls!

It is Saturday morning here in overcast Auckland. Another overcast day, you ask? Yes! Another overcast day. Welcome to fall. Winter is just around the corner.

Haven't taken any pictures as of yet, but I will, do not worry. Today I am off to the supermarket (finally! Food!) and probably just bumming around the rest of the day. Got my online tests to do for college so I will get those over and done with. Oh yeah and write my verbal assessment script. We decided we would film on Tuesday morning.

I woke up at 4:20am this morning! Wahhh... but luckily I got back to sleep and woke again at 8am. Which is like a miracle sleep-in for me. 'A' is still asleep, however, so I have had to quietly make and eat my breakfast and get dressed.

In case you wanted to know my breakfast in detail, it was 3/4c tropical Just Right with milk and an English muffin with apricot jelly. And we are officially out of food for lunch so this supermarket trip is well overdue.

Okie dokes I'll be off for now, will be back later on with pictures! No doubt whilst I am procrastinating study... but what else is new.

-Noelle xO

Friday, May 7


I call this picture: "My lunch on Monday (PB&B sandwich, mango & lime yogurt, mini pretzels)"

Hello beauties!

Hope you're all having a good day. Mine has been pretty crap so far. Woke at 3:30am. Went off to class at 6:45am. Was freezing. Bad hair day. Had a group project meeting at 11am after the boring lecture. Whacked my kneecap on this metal thing, which now hurts like hell when I walk. Drove home and almost got crashed into again from someone failing to look before changing lanes (into me.. am I invisible?!). Got home. Here I am.


I was meant to be going to a friend's tonight but I am simply too shattered to even comprehend the notion, so we rescheduled for next Friday instead.

This is what I wore yesterday (Thursday) which I failed to post:

Typical me; VS Pink pink sweater, white tee, Lee jeans. Half pony in hair.

OMFG I have to freakin take my friend's little brothers to the ice rink next Thursday! And this is extreme news for me as I used to be a competetive figure skater. That's right. Moi. I have a photo somewhere of me doing some random moves for my friend's photography assignment, I will try hunt them down and post. I haven't set foot on ice since 2008! Should be interesting...

I took some shots of the campus again today on my way back to my car. Gray day again! How sweet.

Pretty sweet huh (lol, joking. It's average at best).

Ooh yeah I ordered another LSU sweater online! I can rep LSU since it's where I'm from. I mean yeah I don't actually go there but it's my home town so it's ok. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. This is it:

Cute? I think so. Ok so it's purple.... I can do purple. I'll make it work.

Oh yeah one more thing - a picture of me today.

Just a few mins ago actually! French braids to disguise bad hair. Yellow singlet, grey tee, VS Pink white hoodie, Kathmandu jacket, Lee jeans (surprise surprise! I need new jeans. I know). White canvas Vans.

Otay I'm off to make lunch and chill finally! I've been awake for 10 hours. Pretty impressive. 5 more to go before I can go to bed!

-Noelle xO


Good morning, world!

It is 6:25am, meaning I have been awake for a solid 3 hours. Yay! *sarcasm*

Anyway, I'm off to class in about 10mins but I will return about midday.

Back soon lovers!

-Noelle xO

Thursday, May 6


I call this picture: "My lecture room before lecture began."

Hello people of beauty!

I am back from my boring lecture which I only stayed at for one hour. It's really boring, ok? Plus like, everyone walks out.. it's not just me I swear. I thankfully stopped by the supermarket on the way and got some bread and milk and bananas.... living like hobos I tell you.

Plus I took heaps of pictures! I will spare you and only post some of them in this post and some later, as there are quite a few and I do not want to expose you all to photo-overload.

You know what? Drivers in Auckland are so terrible. I have had more near-misses in my time being here than I ever have since beginning to drive. Last Tuesday I had 5 in one trip! It almost seems like indicating to change lanes is optional. That's how it looks to me anyway. And looking before changing lanes is also a voluntary action, apparently.

This is what I learnt after almost being sideswiped by a driver merging into my lane... directly into the side of my car. Missed me by THAT much. Needless to say I almost soiled myself.

I didn't ACTUALLY... but I was close I tell you.

This is a picture of part of the campus! The entry to go into the carpark I park in:

Very cold, gray, gloomy, overcast day indeed. The sun came out for abour 15mins though, so that was nice. Lol.

I also took a picture of my blanketted up bed. I got the flanelette sheets, pink bedspread, pink *cough* playboy.. blanket. It was effing FREEZING this morning. So so so cold. I almost didn't get the strength to get outta bed.

But I did, and did 100 crunches and some more of my yoga-esque stretches to warm up my back.

See? So cozy..... wishing I could stay there all day almost. Well, not really. I'd feel like a dirty hobo if I did that. I always have to get dressed or I feel like a slob. Even on days off. I have to get dressed and do my hair.

Oh this is of me before getting dressed - ie after just getting outta bed. So cold. Hence the pouty face:

And after getting dressed! Much better. I tell you. I wore: 1 long sleeved top (tucked into my jeans hehe... nerd alert!), 1 white singlet top over that, 1 white tee over that, pink sweater, black Kathmandu jacket, Lee jeans, pink socks and I eventually wore my low-cut uggs.

That is warmth right there.

So yep! I'm off to make my lunch before we head off to Laura's house to look after her little brothers.

I'ma make a PB&Banana sandwich and have some pretzels too. I wish we had yogurt... I could go for some yogurt right about now. Oh well. Have to substitute something else! I am going to the supermarket tomorrow afternoon thank GOODNESS.

Oh and sadly, I have to attend the morning lecture tomorrow. Starts at 8am. Which means I will have to leave here at *drum roll* 6:30am. Yay. Stupid Health&Environment group project people.... decided to host a meeting at 11am tomorrow, RIGHT when I had booked to see the doctor re: the spasms.

Cancel doctor's appt and moved to next available time: MONDAY MORNING. FFS. And cue me having to attend the morning lecture.

Lame balls.

-Noelle xO


I call this picture: "I don't want to post a pictureless blog, so here's one I prepared earlier"

Woop! Thanks for the comments guys, means a lot!

(Does that sound sad? It kinda does... but it's true. They do make me smile, guaranteed)

I have been SO slack in the posting/picture department yesterday! I do apologize. Please accept this smiley face in compensation:


Does that help? Not really huh...

Well never fear, Noelle is here! I hereby solemnly swear to take a minimum of 5 photos today and post them in an ultra-fantastical, extra-magical, wonderful-mazing post this evening.

It is currently 7:30am here, and according to my guesses it is probably 30degrees. Ok that is an exaggeration... it's probably like 45. Either way I am in a sweater, long sleeved top, long PJ pants, and I am cold. I will take a photo of this and post it later on.

I have class from 11am-2pm (but it is the one that EVERYONE walks out on... EVERYONE) so it will be more like 11am-12pm. Hey so I might even be able to post here early afternoon! Yays! Then we are going to Laura's house to help her look after her little brothers.

Coolness! So I will definitely be back in a few hours with a proper post, pictures and all, never fear. Hope ya'll have good mornings/afternoons/nights, whatever the time is elsewhere!

Love ya'lls :]

-Noelle xO

Wednesday, May 5


I call this picture: "I am effing bored."


It is Wednesday. Hump day. I am so tired it's insane. I'm actually at home today instead of going to the HAP (Human Anatomy & Physiology) tutorial and the Health & Environment lecture. Screw having an 8 hour day... 12-8pm. No thank you.

It has been discovered I may have a form of epilepsy, the type where you don't have grand-mal seizures. Instead you have body jerks/spasms/twitches all the freakin time. I always just thought it was normal so never mentioned it before... I mean how was I meant to know it wasn't normal?! Lol. If you live with something like that you just feel it is how it's meant to be.

Doctor's appt booked for Friday 11am anyway, so that's good.

Here's a picture of me from this morning, looking rather hideously tired/creepy:

Hmmm isn't it lovely? Yes, quite. It looks better in big-form, rather than this scaled down size to be fair. This smaller one makes my eye look all squinty...

I've neglected taking many pictures today so far but that is subject to change. I have actually done some work! I know! I can hardly believe it either! But there it is.

I will come back with a proper update after lunch sometime. It's 12:30pm now, so maybe in a couple hours. I am too tired! Too too tired!

And cold!

What's the temperature today... high of 62 and low of 51. Apparently it's 59 degrees now but I beg to differ...

Whatevs! :]

Back later, haters

-Noelle xO

Tuesday, May 4


I call this picture: "3 hour psych lecture"

Just got back home! Grrr. Thank goodness we got let out a BIT earlier than usual... I was about to go feral.

Whatever that means...

Anyways I just had a bowl of tropical Just Right cereal, plus a strawberry & guava yogurt to replace what was meant to be dinner but which ended up just being a white chocolate & macadamia Luna bar thanks to stupid class times. So at least that's settled.

Oh and that verbal assessment! It's so easy! I'm so stupid for not realizing it sooner. It took me about 5 minutes and I was like *click!* Ohhhhhhhh.... duh Noelle. We have also been informed that it has to be done like a role play, lol. That should be fun! At least my partner lives close to where I live so we can get together easily and do it by next Thursday.

This is a picture of the hobo parking lot ground... it's like stones and dust. Loose stones and dust. Loose stones that make you twist your ankle when you walk over them. Dust that totally dirties your car after one day of being parked there.

See what I mean? And that's not even a bad bit. It gets much worse the further down you go. I got a spot quite close to the buildings for once. My car is the one WITH the silver part on the wheel... in case you wondered. Not sure what's happening there with that car on the left.

Oh and the obligatory 'outfit shot' - Kathmandu goose down jacket (muy popular here, and muy warm in this shittily cold weather), VS Pink sweater underneath (how unusual! heh...), white tee under THAT, Lee jeans, and canvas white Vans on my feet.

There's this big-ass smudge on the mirror like RIGHT where my face is.... lame.

Mmmmhmmm thas how I doo iiiit!

Off to bed now guys n gals. I will post tomorrow of course.

Nighty night!

-Noelle xO


I call this picture: "My Street at 6:45am"

Hello people of the world!

It is I, Noelle. I have been awake since 6:20am on this fine-looking Tuesday. I have accomplished the task of completing 100 stomach crunches, and did some yoga-ish stretches too. Just to feel cool. ..

I got this bitchy letter yesterday from one of the lead lecturers of one of my papers at college. It's all:

"This is your letter of withdrawal from paper 555301 blah blah, you have failed to submit the required assignment blah blah with no written notice. If you do not contact us by the 7th of May, you will be withdrawn from this paper"

I'm like .... WHAT?! What assignment?! For crying out loud... so I rang the stupid bitch woman this morning but got her answer machine. Left a message. I'm so not impressed. I don't like this lady's attitude. She's one of those people who think they are entitled to be superior than everyone else because they teach some stupid paper at some little university in the corner of the world, you know?

Quite frankly, I'm sick of the crap this place has put me through (the university, not the country). I'm staying, but only just. I do not know how many straws I can take, and which will be the last one!


Moving along. This is the morning photo of me, in different PJ's for once! Lol. I have taken the liberty of changing my sheets and adding an extra blanket to my bed so I was not as cold as I was yesterday morning. 50 degrees. No lies. And it's only getting colder.

I'm actually quite worried. I made a sort of pen pal friend on the CC website who told me she lives in Arkansas, and last night on the news there were all these reports about major storms and flooding in and around Arkansas! I hope she's ok. I haven't heard from her in a while. I just hope she is safe.

This is a picture of our cat Hammy, he likes to help me change my bedsheets. Help, or hinder my efforts. Either way. And yes, sadly, they are Playboy sheets. There is serious limitation of cool things here, ok?! In my defense... They were the coolest ones at Briscoes (kinda like Bed Bath and Beyond only much much smaller).

Blehhh. I've just finished my breakfast of oatmeal with banana, maple agave and cinnamon and coconut. I do not know what to do now.

I'm going early to meet my partner for this stupid verbal assessment today before our psych lecture, so I'll have to leave here at about 2:45pm. Meet her at 4pm. Lecture 5-8pm. Home by 8:45pm. Bed me.

Until later!

-Noelle xO