Sunday, May 9


Ahhhh sorryyyy I have been totally slackin' today.

Mothers day, we had a special day for A's mom and I called my mommy back home :]

Tomorrow is going to be epic. I have doctor's appointment (re those muscle spasms) at 10:45am. Then at 1pm I have to coach jump jam at the local elementary school. Then at 3-5pm I'm looking after Laura's little brothers as she and A will be in class and her parents have a work thing or something.

And I gotta try find time to put some college work in there somewhere!


I can not wait until the holiday. We have 5 more weeks of class until a 5 week break! You can do it Noelle. You can do it.

Still yet to make my decision re Texas for 4th o' July festivities and family bonding. Grr I don't know what to do! I am planning on spending Christmas and possibly also Thanksgiving in Louisiana with my family (depending on what's happening here around November) so maybe I should just save my money for that instead.

I'll return tomorrow with a proper post, honest. Sorry for the slackness! That ain't like me!

-Noelle xO

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