Saturday, May 8


I call this picture: "My Date Scone With Margarine"

I have returned from the supermarket - it is official. We are no longer empty-pantry hobos.

'A' has gone out for a couple hours to her aunt's house, I was invited but couldn't really be bothered. Ok that sounds rude. I didn't say it in a rude way, I swear! I think it's better for her to have family time sometimes anyway so I leave them to it.

I have been invited to go to MY cousins' place in Texas in July, not sure yet if I will. I want to but the weather difference between NZ in July and Texas in July will be major... I'll probably get heatstroke as soon as I step off the plane! I dunno, I'll think about it. Wouldn't mind celebrating 4th of July, actually.

I have a couple weeks to decide so I shall sleep on it!

This is the yogurt I bought:

It's Yoplait Delite (as you can clearly see). 'Dessert Sensations' flavors - strawberry pavlova, French cheesecake, and rhubarb custard. Pavlova being, essentially, angel food cake. Sounds pretty good to me! Each is like 75calories which is quite alright. I mainly get the lite ones because they have literally half the sugar of non-lite ones. I know they use artificial sweeteners but to be honest, I don't really mind. I don't eat anything else with artificial sweeteners so I figure just one thing won't make much of a difference.

We all gotta die of something, right?

I also got a single-serve of V8 fruit & vegetable juice, tropical flavor. I love tropical flavored things... I don't know why. It's a recent thing I have discovered about myself. It's odd because I really can not STAND real coconut, but I love coconut-flavored stuff. Like muffins or yogurt or fruit juice.

Meh. Go figure!

I also got this 5 pack of single serve packs of sliced apples. I know I know, how bad for the environment can you get?! Individually wrapped packs of sliced apples? Why not just buy apples? Answer: I don't know.

I usually do just buy apples but my reasoning for buying these ones was this: eating apples in lecture rooms is very noisy. If they're already sliced they won't be quite as noisy. That suction noise that happens when you take a bite from a round apple? That will be eliminated! Breakthrough! Lecture-appropriate apples. Genius.

Lol do you remember watching 'Pinky & the Brain'? Good old 90s cartoons. Narf! Gee Brain, whattya wanna do tonight? Same thing we do every day Pinky - try to take over the WORLD!

Oh and Animaniacs! Ohhh good times. "We're animani - totally insaney - animaniaaacs - those are the facts"

OK I'll stop now :] Please post comments if you remember these cartoons and any more you wanna remind me of.

I love getting comments, so don't be shy!

-Noelle xO


Jessie said...

Texas in July... OH NO.. way too hot. Although, the 4th is probably way better here than NZ :)

Cinnamon-Girl said...

I would stay where you are if it's cool! We had a heatwave here in NY already this year and I was miserable. I remember those cartoons - by name - I can't picture them...

Noelle said...

I think so too, after a night of sleeping on it. I'll just save my trip back to the states for Christmas! :]