Saturday, May 8


Howdy ya'lls!

It is Saturday morning here in overcast Auckland. Another overcast day, you ask? Yes! Another overcast day. Welcome to fall. Winter is just around the corner.

Haven't taken any pictures as of yet, but I will, do not worry. Today I am off to the supermarket (finally! Food!) and probably just bumming around the rest of the day. Got my online tests to do for college so I will get those over and done with. Oh yeah and write my verbal assessment script. We decided we would film on Tuesday morning.

I woke up at 4:20am this morning! Wahhh... but luckily I got back to sleep and woke again at 8am. Which is like a miracle sleep-in for me. 'A' is still asleep, however, so I have had to quietly make and eat my breakfast and get dressed.

In case you wanted to know my breakfast in detail, it was 3/4c tropical Just Right with milk and an English muffin with apricot jelly. And we are officially out of food for lunch so this supermarket trip is well overdue.

Okie dokes I'll be off for now, will be back later on with pictures! No doubt whilst I am procrastinating study... but what else is new.

-Noelle xO

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