Friday, May 7


I call this picture: "My lunch on Monday (PB&B sandwich, mango & lime yogurt, mini pretzels)"

Hello beauties!

Hope you're all having a good day. Mine has been pretty crap so far. Woke at 3:30am. Went off to class at 6:45am. Was freezing. Bad hair day. Had a group project meeting at 11am after the boring lecture. Whacked my kneecap on this metal thing, which now hurts like hell when I walk. Drove home and almost got crashed into again from someone failing to look before changing lanes (into me.. am I invisible?!). Got home. Here I am.


I was meant to be going to a friend's tonight but I am simply too shattered to even comprehend the notion, so we rescheduled for next Friday instead.

This is what I wore yesterday (Thursday) which I failed to post:

Typical me; VS Pink pink sweater, white tee, Lee jeans. Half pony in hair.

OMFG I have to freakin take my friend's little brothers to the ice rink next Thursday! And this is extreme news for me as I used to be a competetive figure skater. That's right. Moi. I have a photo somewhere of me doing some random moves for my friend's photography assignment, I will try hunt them down and post. I haven't set foot on ice since 2008! Should be interesting...

I took some shots of the campus again today on my way back to my car. Gray day again! How sweet.

Pretty sweet huh (lol, joking. It's average at best).

Ooh yeah I ordered another LSU sweater online! I can rep LSU since it's where I'm from. I mean yeah I don't actually go there but it's my home town so it's ok. That's my story and I'm stickin to it. This is it:

Cute? I think so. Ok so it's purple.... I can do purple. I'll make it work.

Oh yeah one more thing - a picture of me today.

Just a few mins ago actually! French braids to disguise bad hair. Yellow singlet, grey tee, VS Pink white hoodie, Kathmandu jacket, Lee jeans (surprise surprise! I need new jeans. I know). White canvas Vans.

Otay I'm off to make lunch and chill finally! I've been awake for 10 hours. Pretty impressive. 5 more to go before I can go to bed!

-Noelle xO


Lazaro Cooks! said...

So you are from Baton Rouge. Cool. You hair looks nice in the photo. Have a wonderful, whack in the kneecap, guy almost drove into me less, weekend.


Noelle said...

Yeah Baton Rouge!! :D *sniff* I miss home!
What's with drivers these days huh?? Crazy people...

-Noelle xO