Thursday, May 6


I call this picture: "My lecture room before lecture began."

Hello people of beauty!

I am back from my boring lecture which I only stayed at for one hour. It's really boring, ok? Plus like, everyone walks out.. it's not just me I swear. I thankfully stopped by the supermarket on the way and got some bread and milk and bananas.... living like hobos I tell you.

Plus I took heaps of pictures! I will spare you and only post some of them in this post and some later, as there are quite a few and I do not want to expose you all to photo-overload.

You know what? Drivers in Auckland are so terrible. I have had more near-misses in my time being here than I ever have since beginning to drive. Last Tuesday I had 5 in one trip! It almost seems like indicating to change lanes is optional. That's how it looks to me anyway. And looking before changing lanes is also a voluntary action, apparently.

This is what I learnt after almost being sideswiped by a driver merging into my lane... directly into the side of my car. Missed me by THAT much. Needless to say I almost soiled myself.

I didn't ACTUALLY... but I was close I tell you.

This is a picture of part of the campus! The entry to go into the carpark I park in:

Very cold, gray, gloomy, overcast day indeed. The sun came out for abour 15mins though, so that was nice. Lol.

I also took a picture of my blanketted up bed. I got the flanelette sheets, pink bedspread, pink *cough* playboy.. blanket. It was effing FREEZING this morning. So so so cold. I almost didn't get the strength to get outta bed.

But I did, and did 100 crunches and some more of my yoga-esque stretches to warm up my back.

See? So cozy..... wishing I could stay there all day almost. Well, not really. I'd feel like a dirty hobo if I did that. I always have to get dressed or I feel like a slob. Even on days off. I have to get dressed and do my hair.

Oh this is of me before getting dressed - ie after just getting outta bed. So cold. Hence the pouty face:

And after getting dressed! Much better. I tell you. I wore: 1 long sleeved top (tucked into my jeans hehe... nerd alert!), 1 white singlet top over that, 1 white tee over that, pink sweater, black Kathmandu jacket, Lee jeans, pink socks and I eventually wore my low-cut uggs.

That is warmth right there.

So yep! I'm off to make my lunch before we head off to Laura's house to look after her little brothers.

I'ma make a PB&Banana sandwich and have some pretzels too. I wish we had yogurt... I could go for some yogurt right about now. Oh well. Have to substitute something else! I am going to the supermarket tomorrow afternoon thank GOODNESS.

Oh and sadly, I have to attend the morning lecture tomorrow. Starts at 8am. Which means I will have to leave here at *drum roll* 6:30am. Yay. Stupid Health&Environment group project people.... decided to host a meeting at 11am tomorrow, RIGHT when I had booked to see the doctor re: the spasms.

Cancel doctor's appt and moved to next available time: MONDAY MORNING. FFS. And cue me having to attend the morning lecture.

Lame balls.

-Noelle xO

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