Thursday, May 6


I call this picture: "I don't want to post a pictureless blog, so here's one I prepared earlier"

Woop! Thanks for the comments guys, means a lot!

(Does that sound sad? It kinda does... but it's true. They do make me smile, guaranteed)

I have been SO slack in the posting/picture department yesterday! I do apologize. Please accept this smiley face in compensation:


Does that help? Not really huh...

Well never fear, Noelle is here! I hereby solemnly swear to take a minimum of 5 photos today and post them in an ultra-fantastical, extra-magical, wonderful-mazing post this evening.

It is currently 7:30am here, and according to my guesses it is probably 30degrees. Ok that is an exaggeration... it's probably like 45. Either way I am in a sweater, long sleeved top, long PJ pants, and I am cold. I will take a photo of this and post it later on.

I have class from 11am-2pm (but it is the one that EVERYONE walks out on... EVERYONE) so it will be more like 11am-12pm. Hey so I might even be able to post here early afternoon! Yays! Then we are going to Laura's house to help her look after her little brothers.

Coolness! So I will definitely be back in a few hours with a proper post, pictures and all, never fear. Hope ya'll have good mornings/afternoons/nights, whatever the time is elsewhere!

Love ya'lls :]

-Noelle xO


Anonymous said...

Lol don't miss your class just for blogging, haha!

Your blog is cool even without pictures! Love the positivism, it's great to read a blog that nor ''eating disorder'' related :)

I love your cute :) <3 <3


Lazaro Cooks! said...

What a beautiful cat. Great photo. Cheers!

Noelle said...

Hehe thanks you guys!! I know, I read some of the ED blogs and they are such downers.... I was like *OUTTA HERE*.
Thanks for liking my kitty! He is super cute :3

-Noelle xO