Tuesday, May 4


I call this picture: "3 hour psych lecture"

Just got back home! Grrr. Thank goodness we got let out a BIT earlier than usual... I was about to go feral.

Whatever that means...

Anyways I just had a bowl of tropical Just Right cereal, plus a strawberry & guava yogurt to replace what was meant to be dinner but which ended up just being a white chocolate & macadamia Luna bar thanks to stupid class times. So at least that's settled.

Oh and that verbal assessment! It's so easy! I'm so stupid for not realizing it sooner. It took me about 5 minutes and I was like *click!* Ohhhhhhhh.... duh Noelle. We have also been informed that it has to be done like a role play, lol. That should be fun! At least my partner lives close to where I live so we can get together easily and do it by next Thursday.

This is a picture of the hobo parking lot ground... it's like stones and dust. Loose stones and dust. Loose stones that make you twist your ankle when you walk over them. Dust that totally dirties your car after one day of being parked there.

See what I mean? And that's not even a bad bit. It gets much worse the further down you go. I got a spot quite close to the buildings for once. My car is the one WITH the silver part on the wheel... in case you wondered. Not sure what's happening there with that car on the left.

Oh and the obligatory 'outfit shot' - Kathmandu goose down jacket (muy popular here, and muy warm in this shittily cold weather), VS Pink sweater underneath (how unusual! heh...), white tee under THAT, Lee jeans, and canvas white Vans on my feet.

There's this big-ass smudge on the mirror like RIGHT where my face is.... lame.

Mmmmhmmm thas how I doo iiiit!

Off to bed now guys n gals. I will post tomorrow of course.

Nighty night!

-Noelle xO


Tasha said...

Thanks for following! I'm following you now as well!v

Noelle said...

You're very welcome my dear! Thanks for the double follow :D

-Noelle xO