Wednesday, May 5


I call this picture: "I am effing bored."


It is Wednesday. Hump day. I am so tired it's insane. I'm actually at home today instead of going to the HAP (Human Anatomy & Physiology) tutorial and the Health & Environment lecture. Screw having an 8 hour day... 12-8pm. No thank you.

It has been discovered I may have a form of epilepsy, the type where you don't have grand-mal seizures. Instead you have body jerks/spasms/twitches all the freakin time. I always just thought it was normal so never mentioned it before... I mean how was I meant to know it wasn't normal?! Lol. If you live with something like that you just feel it is how it's meant to be.

Doctor's appt booked for Friday 11am anyway, so that's good.

Here's a picture of me from this morning, looking rather hideously tired/creepy:

Hmmm isn't it lovely? Yes, quite. It looks better in big-form, rather than this scaled down size to be fair. This smaller one makes my eye look all squinty...

I've neglected taking many pictures today so far but that is subject to change. I have actually done some work! I know! I can hardly believe it either! But there it is.

I will come back with a proper update after lunch sometime. It's 12:30pm now, so maybe in a couple hours. I am too tired! Too too tired!

And cold!

What's the temperature today... high of 62 and low of 51. Apparently it's 59 degrees now but I beg to differ...

Whatevs! :]

Back later, haters

-Noelle xO


Lazaro Cooks! said...

Saw your profile on another page. Look forward to following you here. Have a great day...Cheers!

Rick said...

Hope the doctor appointment goes well! Feel better!

And 12-8 is a brutal day. Be strong!

thoughtfulplate said...

Hope the appointment would clear up some questions. Yea. Textbooks can be intimating. What are you studying in NZ?

Noelle said...

Lol thanks guys for your comments!! Love to see em, makes me smile :D

thoughtfulplate: I'm studying occupational therapy as part of a Bachelor of Health Science :] It's an 'internationally recognized' degree sooooo I will be back stateside pretty soon (ok end of 2012.. counting on the world NOT ending!)

-Noelle xO