Tuesday, May 4


I call this picture: "My Street at 6:45am"

Hello people of the world!

It is I, Noelle. I have been awake since 6:20am on this fine-looking Tuesday. I have accomplished the task of completing 100 stomach crunches, and did some yoga-ish stretches too. Just to feel cool. ..

I got this bitchy letter yesterday from one of the lead lecturers of one of my papers at college. It's all:

"This is your letter of withdrawal from paper 555301 blah blah, you have failed to submit the required assignment blah blah with no written notice. If you do not contact us by the 7th of May, you will be withdrawn from this paper"

I'm like .... WHAT?! What assignment?! For crying out loud... so I rang the stupid bitch woman this morning but got her answer machine. Left a message. I'm so not impressed. I don't like this lady's attitude. She's one of those people who think they are entitled to be superior than everyone else because they teach some stupid paper at some little university in the corner of the world, you know?

Quite frankly, I'm sick of the crap this place has put me through (the university, not the country). I'm staying, but only just. I do not know how many straws I can take, and which will be the last one!


Moving along. This is the morning photo of me, in different PJ's for once! Lol. I have taken the liberty of changing my sheets and adding an extra blanket to my bed so I was not as cold as I was yesterday morning. 50 degrees. No lies. And it's only getting colder.

I'm actually quite worried. I made a sort of pen pal friend on the CC website who told me she lives in Arkansas, and last night on the news there were all these reports about major storms and flooding in and around Arkansas! I hope she's ok. I haven't heard from her in a while. I just hope she is safe.

This is a picture of our cat Hammy, he likes to help me change my bedsheets. Help, or hinder my efforts. Either way. And yes, sadly, they are Playboy sheets. There is serious limitation of cool things here, ok?! In my defense... They were the coolest ones at Briscoes (kinda like Bed Bath and Beyond only much much smaller).

Blehhh. I've just finished my breakfast of oatmeal with banana, maple agave and cinnamon and coconut. I do not know what to do now.

I'm going early to meet my partner for this stupid verbal assessment today before our psych lecture, so I'll have to leave here at about 2:45pm. Meet her at 4pm. Lecture 5-8pm. Home by 8:45pm. Bed me.

Until later!

-Noelle xO

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